The Real Reason Bernie Sanders And Robert Reich Are Vilifying Elon Musk

The western skies are filled with smoke, fire, and devastation. Ash rains down and fills the air while creating scenes that are normally featured in movies. A wall of smoke that is visible from space divides the west coast of the United States from the Pacific Ocean.

In the South, the states along the Gulf of Mexico are having the opposite problem. Its hurricane season and we are already towards the tail end of the alphabet for named storms. The season doesn’t end until November.

Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana are still coping with the aftermath of Hurricane Laura. Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida are being flooded by Hurricane Sally — at historic levels. And in Louisiana, Hurricane Laura left miles and miles of oil sheen. Let’s not forget the weird storm in Iowa and Chicago — the derecho that destroyed a lot of crops.

Normally, the leaders of our nation would unite to help its hurting constituents. Instead, our President is running this nation as if it were a reality-TV show. States have to fight one another for attention or aid.

Our politicians on the Left — the ones who are supposed to be fighting to preserve our climate — are focusing on one of the most well-known advocates of climate change: Elon Musk.

As Americans are struggling with being displaced from climate-related disasters, our so-called champions are too busy starting Twitter wars with Elon Musk to notice.

Their argument is simple: Elon Musk is a billionaire and there are poor people struggling. Elon could help if he wanted, but instead, he’s sitting on top of his rocket laughing at the disparity of the poor — that’s what they would have you believe, anyway.

Nevermind that these politicians are millionaires who have ignored, at least publicly, the cries of those Americans who are jobless, homeless, poor, and displaced by fires and hurricanes.

They may have donated — I’ll give them that benefit of the doubt.

The anger that they have toward Elon Musk is marketed toward their political bases. This anger is choreographed to emulate the wickedness of the rich capitalizing on the poor. And they’ve used Elon Musk as the poster child for their campaign.

They ignore the fact that Tesla, a sustainable transportation company that is the leader of the EV revolution, is advocating for their policies. Tesla and Elon Musk are allies of those who truly care about climate change and the disasters ensuing.

If Elon was the cold, heartless billionaire that they portrayed, he wouldn’t have silently helped hurricane victims in Louisiana. Silently because he doesn’t brag about helping others — he just does it from his heart.

Elon’s wealth, which he reinvests back into his companies — or donates to help education and those dealing with disasters — is the main focus of the left who believe that they should take it away from him and spend it.

Tesla and Elon Musks’ other companies are hiring — but Elon as a helper doesn’t fit the political agenda that is being marketed by many on the left as well as the mainstream media.

I went on a spamming spree last week and the week before — trying to get aid here in my state. I live in Baton Rouge. We had Laura, but only wind and rain. I was fortunate to be among those who didn’t lose power.

I spammed quite a few tweets posted by Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and a few other celebrities. I wasn’t the only one. Many of us changed our names to include some version of #SaveLakeCharles or #HelpLakeCharles to keep pushing awareness. I replied to several of Elon’s tweets about how it was a humanitarian crisis that no one was talking about here.

Then one day, while at the post office, The Cajun Navy, a nonprofit here in Baton Rouge that I’ve been promoting and betting people to donate to on Twitter, tweeted this:

Several other local nonprofits also tweeted similar thanks to Elon Musk and his Musk Foundation for donating funds. Elon Musk isn’t the only one who is helping with disaster relief. Amazon has also donated items such as generators and water. Both also donated to help with wildfire disaster relief as well.

However our politicians — -those with large platforms of devout followers who believe their every word — would rather radicalize Americans to fight imaginary villains so they can cash in.

This goes for Trump as well — he is the most well known. In fact, I blame him. He has radicalized his base to the point that many are brainwashed — and this, in turn, has the Left doing the same thing. Why? Because it works.

Blind Devotion, Brainwashing, And Political Radicalization Are On Both Sides.

When you have control over masses like this, you can say, “Hey, this person is bad. They want to hurt you. Go spam them,” and your follows will do so. You benefit because your drama made the news and every time you make the news, donations to your political campaigns come in. Or maybe people want you to speak at events where you can charge crazy amounts in booking fees.

This isn’t just a Trump issue, but it’s an issue where we have a nation of people who are hurting — they have lost loved ones to a pandemic, lost their jobs, homes, and hundreds of thousands are having to flee their homes due to the wildfires. Small businesses are closing and these jobs are dying.

A nation of hurting Americans look to our leaders to lead — and when we do, we see they are communicating the core message that Elon Musk is the bad guy because his a billionaire and you’re not. It’s his fault you are suffering — they want you to believe.

In reality, Elon Musk, who is a figure cloaked in false rumors seeded to make him look bad, is just one of the few who actually don’t own media corporations that earn money from your anger — anger that generates clicks and passing emotionally manipulated headlines to your loved ones.

As you sit there fuming about the supposed enemy, you just gave your energy away to the real villains — those energy vampires who make billions annually off of your likes, clicks, shares, and rage. Did you know that Google made $4.7 billion in profits in 2018 from the news and media industry? Where do you think that money came from? Your clicks and interaction.

Despite this, Bernie Sanders and Robert Reich are not attacking Google. I personally don’t think they should attack anyone — but why go after a major ally of their policies? Elon Musk helping those in need simply doesn’t fit their agendas.

Who Is Elon Musk?

You may know him as the SpaceX guy or the Tesla guy — or as the guy who sent a Tesla to space or who wants to put a computer chip in your brain. You’ve probably seen all of the outrageous headlines, but do you really know who he is?

I’ve never met him, but since 2018 have interacted with him on Twitter. He’s helped me in many ways — indirectly while also encouraging me when I was at a really low point in life.

Who does that? Who helps random strangers on the internet? Many people do it— and Elon Musk is one of them. My own personal interaction with him isn’t the topic of this, but I do want to share that through this, I have gotten to know Elon Musk as a kind soul who cares about everyone.

Elon Musk cares so much that he created four companies that focus on solving problems and making life easier for people. These companies may be worth billions, but that money is simply put back into those companies.

Many people laugh or scoff when someone says something along the lines of the impossible. Yet, this is how humanity evolves. Whether or not you use Paypal, Elon Musk is someone who influenced how we use the internet today. Paypal, not emerald mines, is where Elon’s money originated from.

Your belief of the “big bad billionaire who is sitting in his mansion while looking down upon the poor and laughing manically” is being marketed by politicians like Bernie Sanders and Robert Reich and this is making them into millionaires.

You are being used.

The Solution.

The solution is simple — stop blaming others for your problems. That’s a hard one, I know. I’m currently learning it, as well. However, we have to own up to our own mistakes, responsibilities, and even achievements in life.

This how we learn and grow as human beings. Elon Musk is not the villain here. Neither is Bernie Sanders nor Robert Reich — they are just political products of their environment. An environment created by our current administration. Elon Musk didn’t fire 31 million Americans from their jobs. That was a result of our current administration’s mishandling of the pandemic.

However, besides voting, there really isn’t anything we can do about our government. And even if Trump were to resign right this very second, how would that help my homeless and uninsured neighbor down the street who had her identity?

The solution is not only to own up for our part in creating our lives but to help those around us. In Louisiana, we call this “neighbors helping neighbors.” We need to learn to love, not fear those who look different, do or don’t go to church, or talk with an accent.

This hatred, fear, and anger has been marketed. We need to look past the polished social media posts and shiny graphics and really see the core message being shared. Then, look for the message behind the message. And always do your research.




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