“Toxic Tesla Fans” And The Media’s Double Standards

There is a double standard that the mainstream media has regarding Elon Musk and the “toxic Tesla fan” imagery that I want to address and debunk. But first, I want to also point out that yes, all groups have all types of people in them.

Religious groups, fan clubs, and etc all have a mix of people with their own intentions, thought patterns, and agendas. Some seek to spread truth and positivity while others use, manipulate and take joy out of hurting others.

There are some who have been bullied and hurt by people who support Tesla and I don’t want to discredit anyone who has been hurt by such a person. That is not my intent.

The “toxic Tesla fan” is an image that has been put forth, amplified, and exaggerated by mainstream media — while excusing the actions of those that the mainstream media uses sources for many negatively toned Tesla news articles.

This is done to fit the narrative that Elon Musk is a bad person while painting a pretty little picture framed with the myth that Elon Musk hates all journalists and writers.

This picture is crafted with lies, twisted half-truths, and a lot of cherry-picking and I have two cases I want to present. First, my own.

Example 1

I write for a couple of EV and cleantech news blogs and lately, some of my articles have angered those who call themselves $tslaq. This group of people devotes themselves to spreading hatred and lies about Elon Musk. Unfortunately, mainstream media outlets consider this group as legitimate sources.

In the article I linked above, one such source is Lawrence Fossi who, under his moniker, Montana Skeptic, said to me on Twitter:

This media source made a sexual reference (S’ingEC is often referred to Sucking Elon’s Cock by the Tslaq crowd) and made fun of my accent. Yet the media sees him as a credible source for Tesla news.

My past is often used to discredit my writing.

In 2018, I almost took my life. A tweet from Elon Musk stopped me. To this day, many in this group use that as ‘proof’ that my writing is invalid. In fact, this, the fact that I make jewelry and am owned by two cats, are often weaponized as attacks against me.

Yet, the mainstream media continues to support this group while playing the victim whenever Elon Musk calls out an article for bias. Here is a folder full of screenshots of some of these attacks.

My past is something that I cannot change and it is often thrown in my face by some of these extremist-like Tesla haters. Many hide behind anonymous accounts and send taunts to me and others.

Having been told to go kill myself by these same groups of people who the media uses as sources in their very articles condemning Tesla is a key highlight to the double standard that they do not want you to see.

In the now-deleted tweet posted by verified Twitter user, former Forbes contributor, and former VW advertising copywriter Bertel Schmitt, he was asking another Tslaq bully who was targeting me over one of the articles I’d written if he were ready to O.D. This is not innocent.

When I wanted to end my life in 2018, I was going to overdose on painkillers. Again, I was in a very dark place at that time and I was deeply hurting. I’m human and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has traveled down the dark path of depression before.

This was a sickening suicide joke and once I called him out on Twitter, he deleted it playing it off as something else.

I am not the only one who has been subjected to these attacks. Several people who interact with Elon Musk, support, and own Teslas have been. Yet they only care about the ‘toxic Tesla fans’ when there’s a story or a chance for them to spread false information about Tesla and Elon Musk.

Example 2.

My friend Earl has been targeted by an organization — one that I will not mention here because I don’t want this article taken down. However, I’ll share the story and the events that happened and you can research for yourself.

Earl is a current member of the U.S. military and he was doxed by the person who runs this organization — which is under the umbrella of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that was recently quoted as a source in a CNBC article.

Earl, who was doxed and accused of using government property to promote Tesla or something along those lines, had his full name published along with his rank. Earl called out CNBC for using that organization as a source. The CNBC writer then decided to mock Earl on Twitter.

She mocked him claiming he was a “Tesla worshipper” and that he was mad that she gave credit to the organization whose CEO stalked and doxxed him. You can see that here.

I’m not showing the screenshots of that here because, again, I don’t want my article to be taken down by moderators. I’ve seen people have their voices silenced before.

They Are Silent On Abuse Except For When It Suits Them

It should be noted that when I say mainstream media, I do not mean every single person who works in the media. Those who know about this and look away because it only matters when the story fits a narrative are the ones I am addressing here.

Many members of the media tend to be hateful toward Elon Musk. And they weaponize their words and positions of influence to spread that narrative. When someone like me speaks out against it, I am subjected to the bullying and harassment that is used to ‘discredit’ my voice.

“Oh, she is that girl who wanted to kill herself. She’s batshit crazy She’s a nutcase,” are the types of insults used to attempt to invalidate my voice.

Yes, I was suicidal. Yes, I was in a dark place. Yes, I was vulnerable. Today, I don’t hide from my past. I don’t shy away from my vulnerabilities. I shove them in your faces and use them as my strength because unlike those who hide behind computer screens and verified Twitter badges making fun of my mental health, I’m not a coward.

I find it odd that many condemn Elon Musk for the attacks on women writers but when I speak out, my voice is silenced with the excuse, “She’s that girl who is an Elon Musk fangirl, or she was going to end her life. She’s crazy.”

This is the double standard that they don’t want you to see. The haters are right — I am that girl. I know where I came from and I know where I’m going.




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